Paulo Pisano, CHRO at Pearson International:

Juliano is one of the most insightful professionals I’ve collaborated with in the Internet/ Online/ Community Building environment. Not only has he done rigorous and extensive research in the field, but he has been an active and sucessful professional in the area, with a wealth of international experience in both private and public sector, in start-up and mature organizations.

Manoel Lemos, General Digital Director at Abril Media:

Juliano is one of the top thinkers of the social web here in Brazil. He has the analytical skills necessary to understand this fast paced and ever changing theater and an strong background on sociology and social communications what makes him the go-to person to talk about the social media revolution. Besides that he’s a great writer and is helping lots of people to surf these new and daring waves.

Fabíola Amorim, Talk Interactive:

Juliano is a thinker with an amazing practical view of the market. He is the kind of professional that comes out with a simple solution that fits perfect to the problem and make you think: “how can it be that no one has done it before?”

Edney Souza, VP of Publishers at boo-box:

Juliano was one of the first professionals in Brazil to understand what social media really means and organize this knowledge to develop great community projects and inspire other people to do great things in a collaborative ways.

Felipe Fonseca, Founder, MetaReciclagem:

Juliano was among the first people to understand the potential and the inner workings of online communities. By the time the rest of us were only experimenting, he already had a successful systemic approach.

Luli Radfahrer, Academic Professor at University of São Paulo:

Since I first met Juliano, in StarMedia New York Offices, I’ve been impressed with his innovative point of view. He is the kind of guy who truly is ahead of his time.

Hilda Garcia, VP of Multi/platform News and Information at Impremedia:

Juliano is a great person who handles the interactivity as I had not seen in any other person. He can write and lead political, affective, gossip communities and the people who works for him. He works hard and helps other to grow in the company.

Kim Grinfeder, Associate Professor at University of Miami:

Juliano was talking about the potential of online communities back when they were barely more than chat rooms and BBS. He has followed the growth of the industry always providing valuable insight to the online world.

Andre Passamani, co-ceo & founder at colmeia:

Juliano is a truly believer, but pragmatic, focused and talented. He is really enthusiastic about the Internet and its potential to gather human beings. His work at VivaSP & LeiaLivro is admirable. He has been able to build a solid communities due to his commitment to his vision. I certainly look to collaborate with him in the near future.

Nancy Ogassawala, Executive Partner at Aennova:

Juliano was an extremely proactive manager at Starmedia. He is the very first person I´ve heard talking about the online community concept, practicing his ideas and “testing” waters before the Nasdaq free fall. Resilient, he managed to keep himself in the industry. Idealist, he managed to mature the ideas and concepts. But, above all, a hands-on attitude, that always materializes projects…