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I am a PhD student at University College London anthropology department under the supervision of professor Daniel Miller and part of the academic team that is conducting the Social Networking and Social Science research project.

I have 14 years of experience in responsible roles leading online community and collaboration projects in the US and Latin American. In 2010 I was social media evangelist for Brazil’s presidential candidate Marina Silva. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

In 2011 I graduated with distinction from the MSc in digital anthropology offered by the University College London. My dissertation focused on informal learning and value creation among YouTube beauty gurus. I have a BA in History from Universidade de São Paulo and extensive experience in oral history research.

Released by publishing house Jorge Zahar in 2007, Conectado [download sample] was the first book about social media written for the Brazilian audience. In 2009 I edited the ebook Para Entender a Internet [download], which has collaborations from Brazil’s prominent internet activists, thinkers and entrepreneurs.

mvl.com.br – São Paulo    Jan-Oct 2010     social media evangelist
MVL is the PR company hired to assist Brazil’s senator Marina Silva during her 9 month campaign as presidential candidate. My role was to travel with Ms. Silva and her team promoting online interaction, evaluating online intelligence data, and educating the team in regard to digital communications issues.

talk2.com.br – São Paulo    2008-2010    social media strategist
Talk Interactive is a strategic web services and consulting firm. My main role was to assist the development team creating projects based on user-generated content and social media applications for clients that include major regional enterprises and also to research and analyze new media tendencies.

Fundação Pe. Anchieta – São Paulo 2007-2008 project manager
Brazil’s largest public media company requested a site to allow radio audiences to collaborate with producers creating content for Cultura AM station. Together with a technical producer I researched which functionalities to use, defined the site’s architecture and scope, and trained their team to use RadarCultura.com.br.

State Government – São Paulo    2003-2007    project manager
I has hired to deliver a solution to make readers active participants on the state government’s program to promote book reading. I defined incentives, architecture and functionalities, assisted the development and later managed LeiaLivro.com.br, a site where users shared reviews in exchange for new books.

Grupo Estado – São Paulo    2003-2008    collaborator
VivaSP.com is an online oral history experiment that I projected and managed. For 5 years, the best content became daily radio spots at Eldorado AM and FM stations.

America OnLine – S.Juan, PR    2001-2003    community manager
I was mainly in change of bringing the content team to apply social media tools to enhance user fidelity and average time spent on the site.

StarMedia – N.York, USA    1997-2001    community producer
I was in charge of developing and then managing the company’s first cross-border Spanish speaking chat events product. Among chat guests were Mexico’s president Vicente Fox and rock star Carlos Santana.